Makeup Game- Hair Salon Artist


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become a fashion icon and best hairstylist and run your own beauty and hair salon? Now you don’t have to imagine anymore because we have Makeup Game- Hair Salon Artist Game for you. Take care of a beautiful princess, paint her nails, cut her hair and give her a makeover. Be a fabulous hair salon artist, hairdresser and show one of the finest braided hairstyles. Experience the Hair Salon Game, where you can unleash your creativity as a hairstylist and fashionist!


First of all, wash the dirty hair using shampoo, hair mask and water. Rinse out all the bubbles and start the styling process by choosing the hair color. Make the princesses more beautiful with stylish jewelry and braided hair. You are free to perform all types of actions like cutting hair or applying cute DIY makeup ideas. Make straight hair into curly shapes or curly to straight as you wish to make hairstyle. With a wide range of hairstyles and makeup accessories to choose from, let your creativity run wild and give your clients the look that’s uniquely their own and matches their personality.


-Realistic tools like scissors, hairspray, straightener and many more available for hair styling, cutting and curling.
-Variety of hairstyle options like bob cut, curly bangs, layered haircut, bangs, lob, pixie cut, bun, braid, ponytails to keep your clients happy and stylish.
-Variety of makeup options like matte makeup, HD makeup, nude makeup, dewy makeup, editorial makeup and celebrity makeup.
-Paint nails with different colors and apply fun emojis on the nails to get classier and trendier look.
-Customize hair colors and dress for unique and trendy looks.

Prove that you can run a salon successfully and your salon is one of the best in the world. Take a picture in the end after styling up and dressing up your princess and let other customers know that you the best in business.

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