Panda Games Pet Rescue Center

🧒Kids will you help the injured, stray and scared animals and pets?
Treat pets as baby panda doctor, become good friends with pets, care for animals and play with them! 🐼
👋Hello-Game presents pet world animal hospital game where you will get to live as an animal doctor. Build your pet rescue empire and become the animal rescue tycoon in Panda Games Pet Rescue Center. Build pet care castle for stray animals. Learn about various pet diseases and how to treat them.

🚑Take your ambulance and look for animals in need. Assemble and drive the ambulance and search for different pet animals like cats, dogs, rabbits by following the road signs and bring them back to pet care center in animal hospital.

Put on your white coat, diagnose the disease by using stethoscope, thermometer and other medical tools, treat the rescued animals whether it’s a bruise, broken paw or a bad infection. Find the right symptoms like if a cat is suffering from heatstroke or a dog having inflamed eyes, take the animal to the appropriate ward and continue treating the pet with other methods, such as X-rays or ultrasound. Be the best vet of pet care center games!

Show your passion for pet animals and welcome as many animals as possible to your animal hospital. Gain respect among pet owners and expand your list of customers. Animal rescue games are not only about saving animals but also about finding them a new home. Host abandoned animals in your sanctuary and provide them with a healthy and happy life.

Have meals for all the animals like cat food for hungry kitten and bones for the cute puppy.
Create a cozy home for pets by keeping the mattress clean, food bowl filled, bath tub with hot water and shelf filled with snacks. Become the best of panda games animal pet rescue games. Panda Games Pet Rescue Center not only provide veterinary hospital services but also rehabilitation center, pet grooming center, pet training area, and other outdoors pet leisure, so they can recover and heal from their conditions faster.
If you love animals like cats, dogs and pandas, then this panda game is perfect for you as you will get to rescue your favorite pets in this animal rescue game.

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